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Carol went from overthinking and waiting for time to heal her, to believing in herself and becoming as strong in the inside as she was on the outside.

In the space of a year I was made redundant, found out the person I thought loved me was cheating on me, and my very close, very beautiful aunt passed away on the day I arrived in the U.K. I went down a level or two. I'm a survivor though, so I let everyone see the strong person I am on the outside.  But on the inside I was a very different person. My new tattoo - hard to make believe every day...

I just lived life waiting for time to heal and for my inside to match the outside. It just wasn't happening.

A friend asked if I would consider a life coach. I had heard of them but never thought of them as somebody I would see. But the seed was planted. What did I have to loose?

My first meeting with Louise was amazing. I wasn't really sure what to expect or even how a life coach worked. I went very nervous.

We got chatting and I was at ease from the start. I started to talk and found myself unable to stop. I talked and shared, talked and shared. Louise listened and wrote things down. And then she made sense of things I hadn't realised could be made sense of.

I made a list of things I would like to see changed: my inside to match the outside, to feel whole and to stop over thinking. Louise gave me some homework and off I went. I felt great.

To fit in with my life we met every 2-3 weeks. Every time we met up I had something positive to talk about and again Louise made sense of something else. It was just before my third visit it dawned on me that I hadn't over thought for weeks. Truly amazing! Not only that, but my inside was growing into a new person and part of the old me was gone. But a great new me was there. I know I"m a better person for it.

From the first step of my life coach journey with Louise, my eyes were opened to all the beauty I had in my life and all the sadness I had shut away. It was all there waiting for me to believe in myself again. An amazing journey of self healing and self belief.

I can't thank Louise enough. With out her I'd still be over thinking and waiting for time to heal.

It really was the nudge Amy needed to think and see things differently, and step out of her own head in order to progress.

Contacting Louise was exactly what I needed; at a stressful point in my life, suffering with anxiety and the prospect of never truly being happy, my employer recommended I talk to Louise and I will always be glad I did.

She helped in so many ways: from asking the right questions to letting me talk relentlessly, and she essentially guided me to find my own path. I’m so grateful I didn’t waste any more time with uncertainty and doubt. Louise gave me the clarity I needed, by simply helping me find the answers for myself. Although my confidence in work increased, the most important part for me was the revelations of my own abilities and improvements in my personal life and relationships.

As someone who always struggled to discuss deeper matters, I found talking to Louise incredibly and surprisingly easy. Her friendly, conversational style made me feel very comfortable. She made it clear that I can always contact her when I need, from a phone call when I need reassuring to a colloquial coffee as friends.

The most important thing for me is that she genuinely cares. Louise helped me feel motivated, inspired and even excited, and I am incredibly grateful I had the opportunity to work with her and now have such a great contact.